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Hello, my name is Miriam Bourin.

I’m a Stockholm native, living in Hudson Valley, NY and the world is both my playground and my workplace. As a tour guide & tour director, I travel for pleasure as much as I travel as a profession.

Most of my passion centers around people, places and the stories that unite them. I'm also a lover of local food and beverages, and you’ll find some of my experiences in my "Food & Drink" section.

No matter where I go, I believe in seizing those magic moments that connects you to the people you meet and the places you visit. I love making local friends wherever I go, learning about traditions and transitions. 

Most of all, to be in the moment and enjoy it, dare to get lost and see what's around the corner, is often more rewarding than the scripted experience.
Or as I define it: to be a Global Local Traveler.

I hope this site inspires you to explore new places. Feel free to leave a comment or follow me on social media!